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Business Process Outsourcing

Drive market trends as you want by accessing a global network of document outsourcing services.
Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of a specific business task to a third-party service provider. BPO is the way to cut cost for tasks that a company requires but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the marketplace.
Today, it is a big task for an organisation to cut costs, tighten controls and improve performance, without disrupting internal operations or customer relationships. Fortunately, BPO has evolved. It’s now about partnering with trusted experts to transform key business processes — and reach the next level of business advantage.

Why Amxthyst ?

We are there to save costs immediately, while making refinements that make businesses work smarter. With us as BPO partner, you can utilize valuable resources more efficiently and strategically. Come with us and turn your internal resources into core capabilities to differentiate and build your business.
We offer world class Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) services. We offer comprehensive services which combine consulting, BPO and IT expertise to help you meet your business challenges. Also with us you have the freedom to choose from where and how your services are delivered. As you become more confident on your journey to the highest standards of performance the delivery model can change as your needs do.
Our knowledge and expertise across a variety of industries enable us to tailor our BPO solutions to fulfill the specific requirements of your industry. Our services are designed to support you across all your process tasks – from simple to complex. By making a difference to the way your organisation operates you get increased flexibility to respond to change, so you can always maintain service levels during times of high activity.

Business Process Outsourcing Benefits

Our focus is on deep knowledge of your industry and quality relationship building for the smoothest possible transition. We build trust and you’ll feel it every step of the way.

Customer satisfaction
The quality of client relationship is our first priority. We believe in true customer relationship. We invest in up-front analysis and assurance that enables us to be a seamless extension of your team.

Operational productivity
Increase operational productivity as We help create savings then add value with the deep systems knowledge and industry-specific business experience needed to improve your business processes.

Strategic value
Achieve strategic value with our next-generation BPO and reduce risk and maximize opportunity. We customize the best solution and remain accountable for its implementation.

We can help you tap entire new streams of revenue that used to be uneconomical and get you the up-front analysis and re-architecting needed to build a platform for growth.

Industries We Support

Banking & Financial Services
Our expertise helps you manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features and manage business transformation challenges — all while reducing costs.

Communications & Technology
With IT-enabled BPO solutions designed for your needs, you can manage orders, revenue, customer support and service operations more effectively and efficiently ever before.

Many health plans partner with us because of our industry experience, coupled with our BPO and IT expertise.

Information, Media & Entertainment
We, combined with IT and process knowledge, guide you effectively and smoothly as you reengineer processes to lower costs, speed time to market, and position for competitive advantage.

Manufacturing, Logistics & Consumer Goods
Make your business more resilient with our industry-specific BPO solutions for product development, supply chain management and sales and marketing.

Retail, Travel & Hospitality
A wide range of solutions, delivered by industry experts, and customized to your specific business needs.

Solutions We Offer

You can start by using a single service and buy more latter as your confidence in outsourcing grows. Or you can start with a bundled range of services. Designed to give you a choice of what suits you best, the route you take is up to you.

Finance & Accounting
We help you in reducing operating costs to increase payment accuracy, accelerate your revenue cycle and better manage information.
Finance is at the heart of any organisation and play a major role in strategic decision making process. And it needs to do more than just performing tactical transactional work. We cover every aspect of the function, from day to day transactional needs to our added value advisory and analytics services. We use our deep experience of both F&A processes and specific industry challenges to provide you with a more rounded and progressive partnership. So you can concentrate on leveraging financial data to provide the strategic insight you need to drive your organisation forward. We provide a range of world class outsourced F&A services including general accounting, accounts payable, order to cash, purchasing, cash management and employee expenses to name but a few.

Discover how to achieve sustainable process improvements in procurement performance.
Procurement provides an opportunity to deliver major benefits to the bottom line in terms of savings. Other benefits include cost avoidance, efficiency and excellent customer service. Improving the procurement function means addressing a number of issues. These include complex supplier portfolios with large numbers of active suppliers, limited procurement control, lack of transparency and IT systems that don’t talk to each other. Inconsistent classification of spend and different ways of describing suppliers also adds to the challenge. We provide an extensive outsourced procurement service ranging from sourcing to payment, encompassing quote to contract, procurement and payment cycles, and including procurement technology.

Research & Analytics
We offer a full complement of analytical services, including risk, customer, financial and operational services.

Amxthyst is for you because

We recognise that it is not always cost effective to buy bespoke solutions to give you access to best practice processes. You may be under pressure to reduce cost or want more affordable solutions or you may also have recently been through significant changes such as a merger or acquisition. Our objective is to produce solutions that can be replicated to bring cost effective outsourcing services to a wider range of organisations. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from BPO using a common platform and well-defined controls and practices. Our scalable next generation services deliver everything you need to help transform your organisation. These services use a standardised service delivery platform and best practice processes, providing your organisation with streamlined business functions. Based on a clear commercial structure with competitive utility based pricing, the resulting economies of scale allow you to refocus cash and resources on mission-critical activities, as well as enabling fast, seamless change.

How may we help you?

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