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Technology is growing day by day. Keeping up with latest technologies and trends is one of the most challenging tasks. At Amxthyst, we learn and leverage emerging Technologies. We have a pool of experienced and skilled talents, who are more enthusiastic to learn new Technologies.
At Amxthyst you will certainly enjoy the technical expertise that we bring in. We make optimal use of the information given by customer and put all our expertise to take it to the next level. Thanks to our pool of technical experts, as they bring in their effort and vast experience to deal with any given situation and make us feel proud.
If you intend to develop an application with a brand new technology, which requires a reliable team who will learn and work on your project and give support, contact us.
Few areas where we have dedicated experts working on it, some of them are mentioned below

Operating Systems                                     Databases
    • Microsoft Windows                                   • Oracle
    • UNIX                                                • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Linux                                               • IBM DB2
    • MacOS                                               • IBM Informix
    • Windows CE                                          • Sybase
    • Palm OS                                             • MySQL

Technologies                                          Application Servers 
    • Java (J2EE, J2ME)                                   • WebSphere
    • .NET (ASP.NET, COM+, etc.)                          • WebLogic
    • Web (HTTP(s), DHTML, XML, etc.)                     • IIS
    • Mobile technologies                                 • open source

Programming Languages                                 Development Methodologies 
    • Java                                                • Agile Development
    • C/C++                                               • eXtreme Programming
    • C#                                                  • Test Driven Development
    • Visual Basic                                        • Waterfall
    • VB.NET
    • PHP/Perl and other scripting languages
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