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Offshore Employee Leasing

Offshore staff leasing is a relatively new process of outsourcing. It provides a client full time access to a worker, from the location of the outsourcing provider.
There is a conventional way to hire employees; Run an advertisement, go through resumes, interview candidates and then make a decision. This is a time taken process. Amxthyst follows a new way to recruit employees. We do all the work and provide you the most dependable, sincere and creative employees.

The concept of employee leasing can be highly profitable for the company and the existing staff as

  • Remote employees can help you to develop efficient, bug less products and free In-Office employees' time to communicate with customers to understand and design their requirements efficiently.
  • This gives more time and opportunities to In-Office employees for innovation.
  • There will be more brains for you to throw at a job. So it is done better and faster.
  • Stress free environment can also play a big role when it comes in meeting tight deadlines. A fresh brain can work ideally smarter than a talented one.

Prime Outsourcing Staff Leasing Services

The services offered by Amxthyst can certainly provide all the help, so that your company can boost its productivity. By taking advantage of our staff leasing services, you will not only receive technology-supported solutions, you will also be able to save at least 70% on your overhead expenditures. Amxthyst equip its offshore staff with high-end facilities necessary for the smooth flow of your business.

How it works

We discuss your business goals and together come up with a specific recruiting profile for the staff, you want to hire. We then recruit and pre-screen candidates and present them to you for final interviews. There is no obligation on your part until you have found the perfect candidates for your team. After you have selected your staff, we sign an agreement and then bring the staff aboard. We handle all of their HR, office and infrastructure needs, while you manage their workflow. We also offer varying degrees of project management depending on your needs. Our goal is to enable them to function as seamlessly as employees in your own office.

Fill out the form you see on the site and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

We review your staffing need after receiving your inquiry. Then, we look at our staff to see who is suitable to work for you. When in-house staff is not available, we will look in our resume bank and begins the recruitment. We will then send you the list of shortlisted candidates for your perusal.

After assessment of your staff requirements including checking level of expertise and experience, a quotation will be sent to you detailing the cost of our services. The quote will be converted to invoice if you are agree with it.

After you have decided who among the shortlisted candidates got the job, we now talk to your chosen staff about the new client. Staff will sign a non-disclosure agreement(NDA). And employment contract under Prime Outsourcing will be given if this person was sourced outside.

Our services are paid in advance, we will bill you upfront for a month's service. Your chosen offshore staff will begin working for you after you have paid your invoice.

Finally, an email will be sent to you containing details about the staff and supervisor assigned to you.

We provide valuable benefits to our clients by
  • Quickly hiring the best employees from the existing pool.
  • Providing training opportunities for employees to grow their skills.
  • Providing stable office infrastructure like- computers and other equipment, work monitoring software, utilities such as electricity and internet, etc.
  • Advising our clients on market conditions and trends.

You will get advantages of Offshore Staff Leasing from us

Up to 70% reduction on overhead and operating expenditures
We will take the responsibility of the implementation of the recruitment process. So you should not worry about the traditional costs associated with direct manpower, including payroll / benefits management and human resources related fees. We will provide the necessary infrastructure for your staff including office space, workstations, computers, internet access, and everything they could possibly need to efficiently accomplish their tasks.

Access to skilled labor
With our vast pool of experienced staff you can be assured that we will be able to find the right team of staff that meet your requirements and will effectively work on your project(s).

Flexible Business Operations
We assign supervisors in every team or staff working on a project to maintain work efficiency and client satisfaction. As our contract and service delivery models are designed to meet needs of our clients, you can have more flexibility in operating your business.

Rapid company growth and development
You can focus on the core responsibilities of your business to ensure growth and success. By streamlining your personnel cost and by providing you with the manpower your business needs, we can help you to increase your productivity. You can concentrate on your business and drive your company to success.

Offshore staff leasing takes the responsibility to provide you skilled offshore employee. The offshore employee is the legal employee of the staff leasing firm and leased to clients on a full-time basis. We take care of hiring, benefits, taxes, workstation, computer, technology. So you can focus on maximizing your growth.

Clients manage the work product of their offshore employees giving them control of the timing and quality of their work product. Clients are incentivized to invest time and resources to train and manage their dedicated offshore employees to maximize the quality of work product and long term development of their offshore team.

How may we help you?

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