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IT Consulting & Remote Staffing

Consulting Services

Amxthyst provides Consulting services to assist clients with their continually-changing IT environments. We help clients to

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of IT application environments.
  • Design platform-based solutions; based on business and technology problems.
  • Plan and implement IT initiatives.

We are committed for the success of every engagement. Our onsite teams work directly with our clients to understand and analyze the current-state problems and design conceptual solutions for them. Our offshore teams work seamlessly with our onsite teams to design and expand the conceptual solution, research for better alternatives, perform detailed analyses, develop prototypes and proof-of-concept. So we are able to reduces cost, explore more strategies in the same amount of time and improves the overall quality.

IT Consulting

High impact consulting services to achieve exceptional results
IT professional consulting service provides business values for our customers through technology transformation that increases competitive advantage, customer loyalty and improves business performance. Our technical consultants provide exceptional technology solution based on evolving technologies to solve customer's critical business issues. Our IT consulting services make information technology to work for customers to solve their business problems.

Clients centered innovative consulting services
IT industry experience and technology expertise helps to deliver world class business and technology services to our clients. Experience and deep technical knowledge enable the clients to exploit information technology to meet their business goals. So, we give you the services of your choice.

Benefit from IT investments through IT consulting

You plan constantly for the future and concentrate on company growth through offering various products and services, attaching staff or developing in other fields of the business. The accurate technology investments may support a company because it will advance towards its goals, it may also push the business to a higher level of achievement and performance.
In order to determine your special technology requirements you need to turn to IT consulting company. It will help you to pinpoint particular technologies and aid you to analyze the benefit and cost potential of the IT investments.

  • IT investments posses stable systems and method of operation in place and utilize them in conformity with the customer project need.
  • They provide 24/7/365 customer care/support services on a world-wide basis.
  • Through IT investments the client company can be able to access top-level software systems and software which help to build infallible applications for them.
  • IT investments provide the technology expertise that is built upon the profound business knowledge and practical skills of all the members of the company. And the members can now comprehend the customer problems and give the appropriate and effective solutions.
  • They help to improve total operational effectiveness and quality of software product.
  • True IT investments have the power to create software products of high quality timely. So, clients can concentrate on their essential matters.

The IT Consultancy company play a very important role to instruct and support the firm from the very beginning of the project to the end. IT consulting services implement the project according to time, scope and price. This gives the full satisfaction to the clients.

Remote Staffing

Remote staffing is beneficial for those small to midsized IT businesses who have lesser no. of resources but big-time targets.
We provide you an affordable source of experienced programmers and allow you the flexibility of filling vacancies in your staff at your convenience and as per your requirements.
Hire one or a team of remote employees. Amxthyst acts as an overseas subsidiary of your company. There is no minimum requirement; your company can hire one remote employee on part-time leasing basis or a team of 10 programmers on full-time leasing basis.

Why should you hire developers from Amxthyst?

We aim to provide a virtual extension of your organization offshore in India. Amxthyst’s highly reliable and cost effective remote staffing solutions empower global organizations to be more competitive, cost effective and flexible.
     1. Advantage of lower wages and cost structure.
     2. Your direct Control through email and live chat.
     3. Ease of use of International coding standards at Amxthyst.
     4. Availability of highly skilled Developers according to your requirement.

We Offer

Part Time Remote Staffing
A Low cost Flexible IT solution for those Who can't find talent locally, need only short time but quickly available human resources, have "Limited budgets - High targets" and can't afford highly experienced professionals.

Full Time Remote Staffing
A Tested and Trusted offshore custom software development solution for those who want their projects to be developed under their involvement & full control. Amxthyst keeping full transparency between you 'n' your offshore software development center . There are many ways; you can keep an eye on your remote staff anytime from any part of the world.

Contract Based Remote Staffing
An offshore software development solution for those who just want to outsource some typical projects on no further involvement. They can focus on their main business areas, and unload their product development stress to some trusted offshore partner.

Part Time Staffing
Amxthyst offers its clients to Outsource Part time Remote staffing services, where you can use the similar technical and programming skills only for limited hours a day. It is exactly like getting your work done part timely in your own office. The only difference is that; you have to pay around 10 times lesser than what you pay to your direct hires, and, get the frequent growth in results. Amxthyst assures its clients to provide with highly experienced and qualified virtual workers. The remote staff you recruit will thereafter work like your In-house employees and Amxthyst keeps a provision of a fine replacement regarding your full satisfaction

Part Time Remote Staffing Benefits

  • These services can be very useful for small scale to mid-sized companies especially dealing with small projects. You can get output back into input to acclaim big results. This process is slow in comparison of Full time Remote Staffing but majorly used to develop programs rather than big projects.
  • Part-time remote staffing services enable you earn high gains because you spend less and achieve desired outputs. There are some times when your employees are so busy that they hardly have any time, and the next months they search things to do. Therefore, you save your money what have been wasted before and just pay for what and when you need!
  • While using Part Time Remote staffing services Amxthyst offers you full freedom to shift to our Full time Remote staffing and also you can go for contract based remote staffing service. So you can find alternate solutions of Virtual recruiting and you do not need to build a new structure every time you change your mind.

Full Time Staffing
It is same as Part-time remote staffing, except that employees will now work full time and serve you during your full office hours. Amxthyst also assist you to choose suitable remote staffing services. Since there are many jobs that involve full time work but only part time benefits so we will help you decide which hiring service is suitable.

Full Time Remote Staffing Services Benefits
  • The most significant advantage of using full-time remote staffing services is that remote employee(s) can devote Full time to job work and the employer may relax on other competing demands and obtain results on time.
  • Full time remote staffing services help you to produce fast output as we, with you , pay full time devotion with a consistent involvement. Hiring a full time programmer helps you meet your targets on time and thus you can get faster output that helps you attain your goals in smart and effective way.
  • It not only saves your HR expenditures but saves time to recruit and train a new employee as all the employees produced by us are fully trained and experienced. Mainly hiring a full time employee increases employer and employees participation more and more that builds concentration towards projects. Most importantly, you have your virtual employee physically and mentally available during your full office hours.
  • When you hire a full time employee you put responsibility on his/her shoulders; and remind your targets to him time after time.

Contract Based Staffing
The contract based remote staffing services help you get your work done on contract basis, unlike Part Time remote Staffing or Full Time Remote staffing. Now you will just need to pay only for your contract irrespective of any duration.
Amxthyst will decide the whole plan and scatter Software developers, Website designers, Content development team, Search engine optimizers or any related programmers/ employees. Amxthyst will appoint a dedicated expert IT manager to manage all operations, and the whole web development or custom application development team will work under his/her guidance. Progress in project across all stages will be provided to you by various conversation mediums.

Amxthyst’s Procedure

Amxthyst follows a strategically planned and process driven approach in selecting the right candidate for our client organizations. Amxthyst follows an excellent screening process to find the right fit resource for client organizations’ specific business requirements.
     1. Select the right candidate based on qualification aptitude test and technical assessment test.
     2. Assess the communication skills.
     3. Provide high end training by Subject matter Experts from global business destinations.
     4. Thoroughly gauge the client organizations’ technical requirements.
     5. Deploy the best resource-matching with the client’s project requirements.

You will be beneficial using Amxthyst’s IT Staffing Services

  • Technically skilled and trained resources.
  • In-house trained resources with our proven curriculum.
  • Increased organizational efficiency and flexibility.
  • No overhead tensions of recruiting training and infrastructure cost.
  • Pay only for resources and you do not need to manage them.
  • Significant Reduction in Cost.
  • Direct access to remote staff; through- email, Skype, VOIP or video conferencing.
  • Efficient reporting procedures to monitor productivity and results.

Hire full time Developers from India

Off shoring is about increasing business efficiency. Save 50% on costs, or hire twice as many employees offshore. We provide you an affordable source of experienced programmers, and allow you the flexibility of filling vacancies of your staff; at your convenience; as per your requirements.
Though your hired staff would be working in our office, they would work for you in tune with your work environment and works only and directly for you. So, such hired staff would follow your company’s procedures, project plans and deadlines.

Hire a Developer now

     1. Send your technology and experience requirement.
     2. We will assign Developers and put them in our office.
     3. Start assigning work and begin getting results.


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  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management
  • SEO & SEM
  • Remote Staffing
  • Managed Hosting

How may we help you?

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